Is Cocaine an Amphetamine

Is cocaine an amphetamine? The answer is surprisingly “no.” Cocaine produces many of the same effects as amphetamines. However, it does not come from the same substance as amphetamines. So, if you are surprised by the answer to, “Is Cocaine an amphetamine?”, you may be wondering what is in cocaine. Although not an amphetamine, it is highly addictive, and you may need to enter cocaine drug rehab to overcome your addiction to cocaine or other stimulants.

a man wondering is cocaine an amphetamineIs Cocaine an Amphetamine?

To answer this question, we need to understand what cocaine substances make up cocaine. Cocaine is a tropane alkaloid with stimulant properties. It comes from the coca plant in South America – more specifically, countries like Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. When companies process cocaine, the finished product is either a powder or an oily substance (crack cocaine).
The process involves three steps, including:

  • Soaking, filtering, and drying the leaves
  • Crushing the leaves into a fine powder and mixing it with solvents
  • Pressing and heating the powder

How Cocaine and Amphetamines are Alike

Is cocaine an amphetamine? No, but they are similar in some aspects. For instance, both cocaine and amphetamines are stimulants. Therefore, they increase alertness, improve your attention span, and give you a boost of energy.

When used as a medication, stimulants can produce some positive effects. They increase dopamine levels, giving you more focus and motivation in completing tasks. This is why some stimulants such as Adderall are prescribed to those who have ADHD or bipolar disorder.

When you abuse stimulants, however, they can produce some devastating side effects such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Shortness of breath
  • Increased heart rate

Furthermore, they can lead to long-term addiction. A cocaine recovery program in Hawaii can address your addiction and help you get off of the drug for good.

How Cocaine and Amphetamines are Different

Is cocaine an amphetamine? No, it is not. In addition to coming from a different source, there are other ways that cocaine varies from Amphetamines. Perhaps the most significant difference is in the stigma of the drug. That stigma can be deceptive.

For example, users who say they would never do cocaine don’t think twice about using amphetamines daily. Even when they get hooked on amphetamines, they don’t view their ongoing use as an addiction or dependency. Therefore, the stigma placed on amphetamines can deceive some people who abuse prescription medication.

On the other hand, the stigma of cocaine is that it is a high-priced, party drug that gives you social status. Therefore, when people consume cocaine, the mentality is to snort as much as they can as quickly as they can to get a “rush” or a quick “high.”

Treatment for Addiction to Stimulants

Treatment for cocaine and amphetamines involves the same process. A cocaine addiction rehab in Hawaii usually involves detox, extensive rehab, and an aftercare program. Amphetamine addiction recovery also includes the same steps.

The only difference is that cocaine addiction can take longer to overcome if you have been using cocaine for a long time. The withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be more intense than those stemming from amphetamine addiction.

Get Help for Cocaine and Amphetamine Addiction Today

Is cocaine an amphetamine? If you are suffering from cocaine or amphetamine addiction, there is help available. To start your treatment, contact a cocaine addiction treatment center in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, today. You can get the help you need to end the vicious cycle of addiction.