How to Detox from Cocaine

Man wonders how to detox from cocaineAs part of our commitment to bring you the information and resources you need we always try to answer questions you have concerning cocaine drug rehab. For example, one question we get fairly often is how to detox from cocaine. This is an important question to answer as knowing the right way to detox from a substance like cocaine can mean the difference between recovery and relapse, even a potential overdose. Make sure you ensure your safety and health by finding the right way to detox from cocaine.

Signs You Should Know How to Detox from Cocaine

For many people, there are some classic signs they will exhibit if they are in need of detox from cocaine. Typically, once a person is exhibiting these symptoms they are deep into cocaine addiction. When the signs are just now becoming outwardly noticeably, it means the addiction has become unmanageable. Such signs can include:

  • Agitation/anxiety
  • Loss of appetite/weight
  • Mood swings
  • Sweating
  • Rapid heartbeat

Each of these can be indicators that a user is in need of cocaine detox services. If you or someone you know is showing one or more of these signs then consider looking into the cocaine detox Houston offers. The centers in Houston, Texas possess expert knowledge in how to detox from cocaine and excel in making the process as comfortable as possible for patients. In order to make detox for cocaine simple and easy, they offer a combination of proven therapies to help target patient’s individual needs.

Methods to Detox from Cocaine

Once you know are ready and willing to enter cocaine detox, the next step is choosing a treatment method that will work for you. Each treatment method will be effective for different people for different reasons. Some employ a combination of methods while others stick to one. The main detox methods for cocaine addiction include:

  • Medication-assisted detox
  • Holistic detox
  • Cold-turkey detox

Medication-assisted detox is a fairly intensive form of detox from cocaine. It involves close monitoring by a doctor as prescription drugs are used to mitigate withdrawal side effects. The drugs are administered in a taper as to avoid further dependency. Holistic detox involves non-medical treatments such as yoga and meditation. These methods are not the recommendation for the most severe cases but can be useful for many people. Quitting cold turkey is another method but one truly only effective for minor cocaine habits and people with little to no withdrawal symptoms. However, even in such cases detoxing via this method is rarely recommended by professionals.

Find Your Best Method for Detox from Cocaine

Discussing your addiction and therapy needs with your therapist is the best way to choose the best course of action for detox. The important part is taking those steps to talk to someone and seek out detox treatment. Doing so means you want to take your life back in your hands and the best cocaine rehab center Houston offers is ready and waiting to make that happen!

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