Effects of Cocaine

The Effects of Cocaine are Psychologically Detrimental.

Effects of Cocaine

With prescription and designer drugs garnering national attention, many people believe the cocaine epidemic is dying out. While it’s true that cocaine use has gone down nationwide, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Learning the effects of cocaine can increase awareness, prevent future use and encourage people to seek effective treatment

Cocaine’s Properties

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) classifies cocaine as a Schedule II drug. Originating from South America, it is a white, crystalline powder. On the street, some dealers dilute it with products like cornstarch, talcum powder and baking soda to increase their profit margins. Because cocaine is a stimulant, users gravitate to its euphoric properties in small doses.

While cocaine has some medical value for local anesthesia, recreational use is far more common. Users generally focus on the drug’s positive impacts. However, the negative short and long-term effects of cocaine far outweigh the positive.

Short-Term Effects of Cocaine

One of the most dangerous effects of cocaine use is that the euphoria wears off quickly. This causes many users to become irritable without it. In fact, people who consistently use could fall into short or long-term depression if they go an extended period of time without using.

Other short-term side effects of cocaine include:

Lack of appetite | Change in sleep patterns | Increased heart rate | Erratic behavior | Anxiety | Seizure

Long-Term Effects of Cocaine

Users can build up a tolerance to cocaine, just like many other drugs. This means they’ll need more and more of the drug to feel normal or perform daily functions. Unfortunately, this often means that users will go to great lengths to acquire the drug, including lying, stealing and committing crimes.

Although long-term effects of cocaine cause significant, problematic behavioral changes, they also lead to damaging physical side effects, including:

Permanent heart and blood vessel damage | Kidney, liver and lung damage | Weight loss | Tooth decay | Depression | Erectile dysfunction for men | Infertility for women

An Effective Cocaine Drug Rehab Can Address These Effects

Cocaine drug rehab facilities grounded in evidence-based principles can promote change, allowing individuals to leave addiction in the past. They use medically proven cocaine detox programs and addiction therapies to get to the bottom of an individual’s addiction. High-quality facilities even provide strong aftercare support to ensure individuals stay on the right path for sustainable recovery.

We have a number of resources to help you or a loved one combat cocaine abuse and addiction head on. Reach out to us today to see what programs are available.