The Importance of Cocaine Drug Rehab

Cocaine addiction destroys lives. With the drug use epidemic in the United States spiraling out of control, it’s important for individuals to get help at a cocaine drug rehab before it’s too late.

1.5 Million Americans Reported Cocaine Use Within the Past Month

Ashley was a successful marketing professional with an outgoing personality. She would often drink a couple of times a week as a way to network with clients and socialize with coworkers. One Friday morning, she was exhausted after a long night of drinking. One of her coworkers introduced her to cocaine to help her get through the day.

How Cocaine Addiction Develops

Initially, Ashley found herself more productive when she used cocaine, even though she took several bathroom breaks per day to do lines of coke. Within her first month, she closed more deals than in the previous two months combined. Ashley credited the cocaine for enhancing her work ethic.

How Cocaine Changes People

Gradually, Ashley started changing, and her coworkers took notice. She stopped taking lunches, developed a shorter fuse in the office, and spent an irrational amount of time in the bathroom every day. While people usually went home after a couple of drinks at happy hour, she would urge people to stay with her until last call.

The Consequences of Cocaine Abuse

Although her coworkers noticed a change, none of them encouraged her to seek help. One day, six months after she started using, Ashley found herself facing an incredibly tight deadline. By this point, she was regularly snorting a gram of coke every day. She became so wrapped up in getting her project done that she snorted nearly triple that amount. Near the end of the day, she started going into convulsions and had difficulty breathing.

Her coworkers called 911, but due to rush hour, the ambulance didn’t arrive in time.

We Help Individuals Find the Right Cocaine Drug Rehab Before It’s Too Late

Every year, 23 million Americans who need addiction treatment fail to get it. Don’t wait until it’s too late and end up like Ashley. There are a variety of Boise Rehab Centers, such as Zelus Recovery in Meridian Idaho that can help you or someone you love find the right cocaine drug rehab program.

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